Why Choose Us?

Quality!  Our structures are built using the Scandinavian Scribe method of log joinery that ensures an airtight and watertight fit between the logs.  The top of each log remains in its natural round state while the bottom of the log is carved out.  This eliminates flat surfaces in your walls where water may collect and cause deterioration of your logs!  Water naturally sheds from our logs, greatly extending the life of your home and some logs are over 20 inches in diameter!

Bottom Contour of Log Runs Entire Length

All logs are hand peeled for the genuine look, hand scribed and carved to fit by our crafts people.  Large Mortise and Tenons eliminate butt joins in our structures and our interlocking Saddle Notches provide greater strength in the walls and ensures the integrity of all corners. 

Saddle Notch Gives Unsurpassed Strength in Walls and Corners

Customer Service!  At Old World LogCrafters, we are dedicated to customer service, before and after your purchase.  We work with you to design your dream home and guide you through the entire building process, from thoughts to realization.  Our after sales service and warranty ensures years of trouble free enjoyment and comfort in your new home.

View From Loft Area

Single Source Supplier!  As your Single Source Supplier for your entire structure, we simplify the building process and are able to guarantee our workmanship.  No more hassles from different contractors, you deal with one company and one person!  We deal with the fine details so your home will reflect your individual lifestyle, from entertaining your friends to relaxing with your family. 

Hand Carved Perfection, a Floor Joist and Beam Intersection

Experience!  Since our first project was completed almost 20 years ago, you will receive the benefit of our expertise to ensure that even the smallest items are not overlooked.  You expect and deserve only the best workmanship and the pride we take in your home will certainly be evident from the first day of construction.  It will continue to be evident for many future generations!

Price!  The affordability of your handcrafted log home will surprise you.  Depending on your design and the finishing details, it can be as affordable as many conventional homes.  As all of our work is custom designed, we do not have a plan book available.  However, some sample floor plans are attached for your reference.  We will meet with you at your convenience and provide a complimentary design and cost estimate for your approval.